Nota de actualización / Piwigo 1.1.0

Major feature enhancements

Descarga Piwigo 1.1.0

Actualizado el 19 Julio 2002

  • security improved
  • identification without cookie (for a better compatibility), valid for a specified duration.
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict for the front part of the gallery.
  • categories management (global comment, title to display in menu, ordering…)
  • Images information edition easier and faster.
  • multi-language
  • database smaller : fewer stocked informations
  • faster
  • possiblity do expand or collapse categories in the menu
  • possiblity for user to give a maximum height or width for pictures to display (can still see full size picture)
  • possiblity to use PhpWebGallery for creating thumbnails