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Piwigo es un software de código libre para crear tu galería de fotos en la web. Diseñado para organizaciones, equipos y particulares.

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versión 14.4.0 hace 2 meses

Piwigo 14.4.0 hace 2 meses

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Miles de organizaciones y millones de particulares aman Piwigo.

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Alto Volumen

Piwigo brilla cuando se trata de clasificar miles o cientos de miles de fotos.


Nacido en 2002, Piwigo ha estado ayudando a sus usuarios desde hace más de 22 años. ¡Siempre creciendo!

Código Abierto

El código de la aplicación está disponible, es editable, auditable y extensible gracias a plugins y temas.

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Metropolitan University BelGrade
Photothèque Touristique du Lot
Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers
Winchester City Council

Les encanta Piwigo


I've been using Piwigo the last few years since Flickr announced their 1,000 photo limit to free users. I used a Piwigo plugin to directly import my 11,000+ photos and groups from Flickr into my self-hosted Piwigo instance. It's been working flawlessly since and I have many of the social interactions expected such as comments, facial recognition, geolocation, ratings, etc.

Danie van der Merwe

Fotógrafos profesionales y particulares South Africa

I use Piwigo in my company because this platform allows us to share a lot of photos with company members without the hassle of retrieving them. Piwigo is an easy-to-use, reliable tool for storing photos. The quality of the photos after integration on the platform is always the same, which is one of the reasons why we use Piwigo.

Limousin Promotion

Empresas France

When we had to change the university's existing photo library solution in a hurry, Piwigo seemed a good compromise. We needed a solution that was quick and easy to set up, enabling us to technically manage a large image database with indexing, metadata management and search capabilities akin to an EDM or DAM solution, a real publishing and sharing interface with access rights management, operational interfacing with the school's information system and seamless integration into my Lightroom workflow. After two years, Piwigo has given us a great deal of satisfaction, far beyond the transitional solution we expected. Although the DAM functions still need to be enhanced, the flexibility provided by the customization and plug-in system and the open source development mode make it a scalable, adaptable and robust solution, capable of elegantly covering the essentials.

Pascal Levy, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Educación e investigación France

I chose Piwigo to have a photo library shared between our 9 campuses in France, India, Congo and Cameroon. Everyone can add and use files on our shared space. We can also give access to our external service providers: it saves us time and improves efficiency. The features are complete, the support is responsive and the price very competitive.

Germain Dutilleul, ICAM

Educación e investigación France

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