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Icy Picture Modify

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Revision 2.4.6 (2014-02-01)

  • Author: icy
  • Categories: Plugin
  • Tags: users, acl
  • Available languages: 28 (see)
  • Compatible with: Piwigo releases 2.6, 2.5, 2.4
  • Downloads: 32662
Česky [CZ] Dansk [DK] Deutsch [DE]
English [UK] Español [ES] Français [FR]
Hrvatski [HR] Italiano [IT] Latviešu [LV]
Magyar [HU] Nederlands [NL] Norsk bokmål [NO]
Polski [PL] Português [PT] Slovensky [SK]
Svenska [SE] Türkçe [TR] Việt [VN]
Ελληνικά [GR] Български [BG] Русский [RU]
Српски [SR] עברית [IL] العربية [AR]
ქართული [GE] 中文 (简体) [CN] 中文 (繁體) [TW]
日本語 [JP]

About: A Piwigo extension that allows users to modify photos and upload images to any set of galleries. The new version 2.0.x has advanced ACL. Please read the README first before you upgrade from the version 1.x.x of the plugin.

Full details can be found at

Changes: ChangeLog

2.4.6 2014-02-01

- cb10d77: !bug: upload func. not work with Community 2.6

2.4.5 2014-01-30

- Compatible with Piwigo 2.6.1
- 13441c4: js/chosen: Add missing *.png files
- 635b4eb: js/datepicker: Remove unused code
- 8c46dc0: js/chosen: Fetch latest code from Piwigo 2.6.1

2.4.4 2013-10-01

- 4981d7f: Simple logging support for some actions
- 2aec83a: Add (icy_action_log) to log action output

2.4.3 2013-08-30

- 84e96e3: ACL sample: Add an example of invalid reference
- 3c90e2f: !bug: Windows CR/LF will break the parser
- c4797c9: !bug: invalid reference skips author setting

(1 extensions)
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