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Piwigo es un software de código libre para crear tu galería de fotos en la web. Diseñado para organizaciones, equipos y particulares.

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Piwigo 14.4.0 hace 2 meses

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Miles de organizaciones y millones de particulares aman Piwigo.

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Alto Volumen

Piwigo brilla cuando se trata de clasificar miles o cientos de miles de fotos.


Nacido en 2002, Piwigo ha estado ayudando a sus usuarios desde hace más de 22 años. ¡Siempre creciendo!

Código Abierto

El código de la aplicación está disponible, es editable, auditable y extensible gracias a plugins y temas.

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Sellerie Moillo
Parc naturel régional des Landes de Gascogne
Société des 3 vallées
Groupe des Ecoles Nationales d'Economique et Statistique

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I am writing to compliment you on your photograph organization software. I am a pathologist, and I use this to organize photomicrographs for teaching and distribution to colleagues. It is easy to use, easy to understand, requires minimal maintenance, and my colleague have no trouble getting what they need. I appreciate having access to such a great product.

William R Oliver, MD

Educación e investigación United States

I'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Piwigo, without whom I'd have been a very unhappy archivist. Since 2007, I've been shooting my life, day by day. In 2010, I felt the intrinsic fear of losing my photos. That's when Piwigo came into my life, never to leave again. Today, I manage over 50,000 photos, and despite the sheer number, the gallery remains fluid and the many themes enhance the interface to suit your tastes. The other reason I love Piwigo is the ability to customize who sees each folder. I have 200 users who can see all the photos of all the evenings we've spent together. And thanks to tags, each of my friends can, in a way, follow his or her evolution by seeing all the photos in which he or she appears and has been tagged. Piwigo is like the Wordpress of photography.

Reno Laithienne

Fotógrafos profesionales y particulares France

Piwigo is most easiest online photo gallery and lot's of features available. With amazing user interface and user level access is what i been searching and its the most suitable for my needs. Piwigo is easy to install and maintain and with lots of plugins to customize for a gallery needs. The mobile site are great and easy to navigate. Good Job Piwigo Team! Keep on going!

Thanabalan Tharuman

Fotógrafos profesionales y particulares Malaysia

Our Piwigo, Images du Revest, is an initiative of 2 associations dedicated to history, heritage and culture. It's a contributive inventory where geolocation, description and comments are as important as the image. Piwigo is a complete CMS that goes far beyond a simple online album: it's thanks to its collaborative mode that Piwigo made possible our beautiful exhibition and the writing of the associated book. Fine-tuned rights management makes behind-the-scenes work practical, efficient and discreet. Our Piwigo is the 4th component of our web communication, along with the Carnets, the forum and a curation tool. The images in the album can already be used on the forum, and soon in the Carnets, and the style of the different sites has been easily standardized, so that readers have the impression of staying in the land of knowledge, while moving from one site to another. We're enthusiasts, volunteers, passers-on of knowledge, and Piwigo is our tool and our vehicle for sharing knowledge about our village of Revest-les-Eaux.

Katryne, Images du Revest

Organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro France

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