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pLoader for Mac OS X

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  • Autor: ron
  • Categorías: Herramientas
  • Fecha de la primera revisión: 2010-02-03
  • Fecha de la última revisión: 2010-04-06
  • Idiomas disponibles: 10 (see)
  • Compatible con: Piwigo versiones 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5
  • Descargas: 21912
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Nederlands [NL] Русский [RU] 中文 (简体) [CN]
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Descripción: pLoader is a software dedicated to prepare your photos and transfer them to your Piwigo installation: select photos from your file browser, fill informations such as name, author or description, create a category (album), transfer the selected photos to your remote Piwigo photo gallery.

Prerequisite: MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). For any other version of MacOS, see iPhotoToPiwigo


  • iPhotoToPiwigo: For any MacOS X version superior to 10.6 (Snow Leopard) see iPhotoToPiwigo

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Revisión 2.0.7c 2655 Descargas, Añadido el 2010-02-03
Descargar revisión 2.0.7c

Compatible con: 2.0

New languages: 中文 (简体) [CN]Русский [RU]Italiano [IT]Español [ES]Česky [CZ]Magyar [HU]Deutsch [DE]日本語 [JP]Français [FR]English [UK] Total : 10

Česky [CZ] Deutsch [DE] English [UK]
Español [ES] Français [FR] Italiano [IT]
Magyar [HU] Русский [RU] 中文 (简体) [CN]
日本語 [JP]

Tested with Snow Leopard.

Changes: New features :

* 0001417: [GUI] Ability to set tags for a photo selection.
* 0001414: [GUI] Improve Photo properties panel by adding a notebook and a big upload button.
* 0001395: [GUI] Use a toolbook widget in Global settings dialog.

Fixed bugs

* 0001410: [GUI] pLoader may crash when adding or uploading photo is cancelled.
* 0001066: [configuration] unexpected behavior on resizing.
* 0001069: [GUI] too many photos automatically removed from selection.
* 0001403: [GUI] Re-upload management choices are overridden by default values.
* 0001367: [configuration] Close after refresh category.
* 0001394: [preparation] Auto rotate is not disabled when required.
* 0001370: [GUI] Broken watermark selection for color and position.

Technical Enhancements

* 0001400: [preparation] Remove pLoader resized image file cache.
* 0001389: [GUI] Remove AUI docking manager.
* 0001388: [GUI] Refactor getting started panel.
* 0001369: [configuration] Remove relative path for resources and locale catalogs.

Revisión 1.5 19257 Descargas, Añadido el 2010-04-06
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